The My Portfolio page is where you create and manage your virtual portfolio.

You can add and remove assets using the Portfolio Allocation table. Additionally, the Allocation by Asset Class chart visually represents your desired allocation.

Allocation Table

How to Add an Asset to Your Virtual Portfolio

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How to Change the Allocation of an Asset Already in Your Virtual Portfolio

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How to Delete an Asset from Your Virtual Portfolio

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Now, some additional explanations.

Last Update

This field shows when our servers last processed your portfolio.

The updating process happens once a day after all assets in your portfolio close for the day. The processing entails the calculation of statistics, relevant numbers, rankings, analysis, and the mentor feedback generation.

#Rows Drop-down Menu

The drop-down menu lets you select how many rows the Portfolio Allocation table should display.

Search Box

The search box lets you search the Portfolio Allocation table. Just type in any text.

Allocation Chart

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